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Mica Mornaghi is an artist, a jeweller and a maker from Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
Her work covers jewellery and objects that belong to a sculptural realm as well as to the body. As a storyteller, she creates visual poetry drawn by a great interest in colour and composition. Exploring the self-being, the body and the relationship with objects, amulets and rituals.
Currently, she works with crystal properties and carving techniques; the connection between gemstones and healing, and the power of the stones - crystals, transformed into contemporary amulets.


2020           / Graduate Gemologist, GIA - Gemological Institute of America, UK
2017 - 2019 / MA. Jewellery and Metal, Royal College of Art, UK
2016 - 2017 / Postgraduate in Contemporary Applied Arts, Massana School of Art and Design, ES

2005 - 2010 / BA. Textile Design, University of Buenos Aires, AR
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